Development and Validation of Fusion Reactor Components and Systems

The development of advanced numerical models for heat transfer, fluid dynamics and structural mechanics enables the design and development of complex components and systems for fusion reactors. Research includes the development of cooling concepts for high heat flux components and the conceptual design of various systems and components in fusion devices.

Reactor Engineering Division, Jožef Stefan Institute

    • Cooling and design of high heat flux components.
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses of DEMO tokamak systems.
    • Thermo mechanical analyses.

Development of Structural Materials

The development of advanced high-heat-flux structural materials and technology for their manufacturing is one of the key challenges for the realization of commercially available fusion energy.

Department for Nanostructured Materials, Jožef Stefan Institute

    • Development of SiC based composite material for fusion application.

Diagnostics and Control


Department of Systems and Control, Jožef Stefan Institute

    • Fast predictive model for magnetic plasma control.

Department of Automatics, Biocybernetics and Robotics, Jožef Stefan Institute

    • Remote maintenance

Fusion Reactor Safety

Reactor Engineering Division, Jožef Stefan Institute

Reactor Physics Department, Jožef Stefan Institute