Thermal-hydraulic study of HCPB Test Blanket Module

The development of the DEMO fusion power plant blanket is a complex task, because it is necessary to take into account several branches of physics, including fluid dynamics, volumetric heat generation due to neutrons, heat transfer etc. Therefore, in order to support the development of the DEMO breeding blanket it is important to develop a computational model, which takes into account all the relevant data and physical processes. The volumetric heat generation in a Helium Cooled Pebble Bed Test Blanket Module due to neutrons, together with the surface heating from the plasma and the removal of heat by the helium coolant was investigated.

Temperature distribution
Temperature distribution in the middle of the simplified blanket model [Association EURATOM – MESCS, Final report 2007-2013].
Volumetric neutron heating
Volumetric neutron heating for provisional MCNP model for DEMO tokamak [Association EURATOM – MESCS, Final report 2007-2013].