The Slovenian Fusion Association (SFA) coordinates Slovenian fusion research, which is integrated into the joint European fusion program EUROfusion within EURATOM. Slovenian research groups have very active collaborations with a number of international fusion laboratories. In 2019, a research program Fusion Technologies was also established at national level.

Within the SFA various activities to support the development of fusion physics and technology are carried out, from edge plasma theory and diagnostics, studying of plasma-wall interaction processes, development of high heat flux materials, design studies, thermohydraulic and structural analyses, neutron field calculations, to public information. Slovenian researchers are actively involved in the research and experiments on European tokamaks (JET, ASDEX Upgrade, …). The SFA research is well integrated in the development of the largest fusion reactor under construction ITER and in the development of the first Demonstration Power Plant DEMO.